North Yorkshire Trading Standards have received the list of scams and frauds reported by residents to Action Fraud. There are a number of themes I wish to share with you. Residents are continuing to be called by someone claiming to be from Microsoft/BT stating there is a problem with your computer and asking the victim to download a piece of software called Teamviewer which allows the criminal to gain access to the victims computer. THIS IS A SCAM and victims have lost several thousand of pounds to these criminals. Another frequent scam is the caller claiming to be from HMRC claiming there is an outstanding bill and a court order has been obtained for payment and that unless the ‘victim’ pays immediately, bailiffs will be sent round. Again THIS IS A SCAM. Often the criminal will ask for payment in i-tune vouchers. Finally we are seeing an increase in reported ‘Romance Scams’ where victims are duped into sending money to someone they have met on the internet. Quite often the criminal will give some sob story about how a child is ill or they need money quick to persuade the victim to transfer thousands of pounds into a foreign account on the promise they will get the money back or that the person will come to the UK to marry the victim. In all these cases the advice is the same. If you are contacted by the telephone or on the internet and you have any doubt whatsoever, terminate the call. Please do not fall victim to thes fraudsters.