The Village Meeting Room

The plan for a village meeting room began back in 1990 with an idea put forward by Alan Smith. Alan became the guiding force behind talks with Newby Hall, which resulted in the derelict blacksmith’s shop on Whitegate Lane being converted into the meeting room we have now. It took several years along with a great deal of volunteer labour, fund raising and help from Newby Hall to complete the project. Along the way we’ve had a national lotteries grant, grants from Harrogate Borough Council and a great deal of generosity from people in the village. The result of all this is the room you now see today.

Meeting Room Members

Members of the Meeting Room Management Committee are:

Chair – Richard Cole
Treasurer – Emma Lee
Secretary – Maggie Easton
Committee Members – Kate Staniforth, Sandi Cole, Pippa Hawkridge, Helen Coates
Contact –

The Meeting Room is a registered charity number 1065657

Hiring the Meeting Room

The Meeting Room is a community facility and can be hired out at very reasonable rates. It’s a great place for family get-togethers and children’s parties; we’ve even had a wedding reception held there. Contact Pippa Hawkridge to book on

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