During the warmer months, Police often see a rise in burglary as people are tempted to leave their leave home windows and doors open during the day and into the night. An open window or door is an invitation to thieves and can result in a lot of distress if belongings are stolen.· Keep the front and back doors locked and windows closed as much as possible, also on cars.

· If windows are open, keep them on the latch so that they cannot be opened further from outside.

·Keep valuables and keys out of sight and well away from front or back doors where they may be easily reached.

· Keep side gates locked.

· Put away garden tools, ladders etc. after use so they cannot be used to gain access.

· Use a strong lock on sheds, garages and other outbuildings and bolt hinges on for additional security.

· Consider fitting outdoor security lighting.

· Keep an eye on neighbouring properties.

If you see anything suspicious contact police on 101.

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